Adventurous Dog Walking in Dunstable, Totternhoe, Eaton Bray, Ivinghoe Beacon, Ashridge, Studham, Stanbridge, Whipsnade, Harlington and Toddington
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Adventurous dog walks throughout the Bedfordshire countryside for dogs who love to have fun

Waggie Tails provides dog walking services in Dunstable and the surrounding villages, taking care of your dog when you’re not around, providing your dog with everything they need to make their day a fun and enjoyable one.

I'm a Professional dog walker based in Dunstable and offer a premium dog walking service in Dunstable, Totternhoe, Eaton Bray, Stanbridge, Ivinghoe, Whipsnade and Studham. 

When you need a professional and vetted local dog walker in Dunstable, you can trust Waggie Tails to take care of your beloved.


Fully vetted by The Pet Industry Federation and The Professional Dog Walkers Association, I am fully insured with Protectivity Insurance, Dog First Aid trained, DBS checked and trained in Canine Body Language.


I will soon be offering puppy and training following my training with IMDT which I'm extremely excited about !

Imagine being at home all day, on your own, not seeing a soul for maybe 10 hours or even more.

Imagine feeling sad and lonely not knowing how to speak about your feelings, or where to turn to.

Imagine being socially disconnected to those we see when we do eventually go out.

Imagine how horrible you must feel thinking why someone doesn't want to be with you or share their experiences with you.

Imagine being fearful of everything around you and not know how to express your anxieties.

It sounds familiar, doesn't it ? These are also the same feelings our dogs and puppies feel when they too are left alone, more often than not. 

With the pandemic still in our grasps, we have experienced these feelings of fear and insecurities.  We feel angry, lost, deprived and even desperate to live our normal lives.  But the current climate is out of our control.

We've followed the rules.  We've shielded to save lives.  We did the best we could and coped the best we knew how.

But our beloved companion, an integral part of our family bubble doesn't have a choice.  They don't have the freedom to explore, to build relationships and to be confident, without their owners by their side.

Your dog or puppy have stood by you, showed their loyalty been the one to show you unconditional love and support.  You've stroked them to calm your stress and anxiety, you've walked them to get your exercise and you've fed them home cooked food, because you can and because they deserve it.

But what about when you return to work or your new normal becomes a rat race, chasing our tails, being in two places at once.  What will happen to them ?

After reading this I'm hoping you'll want the companionship for your dog to continue.  You'll want them to be cared and loved for when you are not there.  You'll want them to be smiling and not feeling lonely.  You'll want them to be calm and happy for when you return home, and not frustrated and angry, desperate for your attention.  You'll want them to feel safe and confident when they are out and you'll want them to be stimulated when receiving their exercise and enrichment.  

And that's where I can help.


I can give your dog what they need whilst your not home.  If you're working at home or away I can offer the companionship, socialisation, exercise and enrichment your dog will love and enjoy. 

What about if you are out at an event or meeting friends for a shopping trip.  You don't ave to worry about rushing home because your dog will be safe and well and you will be relaxed and stress free knowing there is someone else who cares.

Even if it's a regular walk or twice a week it can make all the difference.  It's better to create a solution to the problem that was once a habit. 

Our adventurous dog walking services takes us through the Bedfordshire countryside, including Dunstable Downs, Totternhoe Knolls, Blows Downs, Ashridge, Eaton Bray, Studham and Edlesborough.  All our dog walks are pre-planned as we already know which dogs we are walking on that day. 

Our adventurous group dog walks include a maximum of five dogs at any one time and we visit countryside walks in Bedfordshire where your dog can explore freely, or if you prefer on lead or long line.  Socialising with other dogs is great for their confidence and we always ensure your dog meets other dogs before they join as a member to ensure they are happy with each others company.  Lets face it, not everyone likes everyone, even in the human world !

Our adventurous dog walks, either as a group or solo dog walks include enrichment as well as love and care.  Exercise is key to your dog's overall health and well-being and we absolutely love seeing them thrive. 


Perfect for dogs who are sociable and happy around other dogs. A maximum of 4 dogs at any one time.


Small group walks available for your dog or older puppy available. 

Also see our Premium Pack Walks


Perfect for dogs who need extra care and attention, is a reactive dog or just prefer their own space or puppies being introduced to the world.

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Adventurous Dog Walking in Dunstable & Surrounding Villages

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If you are looking for a professional and vetted dog walker for your dog or puppy send me an email or give me a call.

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