Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you conduct your walks?

All my walks are pre-planned pending which dogs or puppies in each session, I'm looking after on that day.  I'm lucky to live 5 minutes from Dunstable Downs but I also have fabulous and fun walks in Totternhoe, Whipsnade and Studham, Eaton Bray, Blows Downs and Edlesborough, as well as Ivinghoe, Ashridge and Woburn Sands.

I avoid park areas when I walk with a pack where there are children playing especially in the Summer months.  I also like to go where it's quiet and potentially have the place to ourselves.

I assist busy dog owners in Dunstable, Totternhoe, Eaton Bray, Edlesborough, Stanbridge, Ivinghoe, Whipsnade, Studham,Harlington and Toddington.

Why is walking my dog so important?

For owners, ensuring that dogs get the right amount of exercise is important. Your dog is your extended family and plays an important role.  This is especially true if the owners are elderly or unable to provide their dogs with adequate exercise and stimulation.  Dogs that are left home alone for extended periods can begin to exhibit worrying and destructive behaviours.
Under stimulation can lead to undesirable behaviours such as excessive barking, chewing of furniture and digging in the garden. This can lead to serious behavioural problems such as aggression, inappropriate chase behaviours, and stereotypical behaviours such as self-mutilation.  When this occurs you may think your dog is out of control but all they want is to get outside.  

With owners commitments of work, family as well as their own well-being, your dog needs as much exercise required to help with those high energy levels, to be kinder and socially accepted and also to be much happier and relaxed within the household.  

Does the allocated walk time include travel times?

Whether you book a 30 minute walk or 1 hour walk your dog or puppy will receive that full allocation.  Logistics are included in the cost but does not have an impact in their walk time.  However, I would not take a dog on a 30 minute walk with a pack requiring a 1 hour or more walk.

Do you let the dogs off the lead?

Only if I feel it's safe to do so, if your dog has excellent recall skills and only if the owner has given written consent.  If your dog is off the lead but I feel their surroundings may be compromised I will always ensure your dog safety comes first.  I'm happy to keep your dog on their lead or harness at all times on a group walk but if you prefer for them to have a one-to-one walking session you can read more HERE.  I will always keep dogs on leads in areas that stipulates this requirement as well as around livestock.

How many dogs at any one time do you walk ?

I want to ensure the safety of your dog or puppy is paramount.  Therefore, I only walk a maximum of four dogs at any one time.  I am fully insured and will show my insurance certificate to you at our first meeting.

My dog is a reactive dog.  What do you suggest?

Reactive dogs still need the exercise and stimulation just as confident and comfortable dogs when out exploring.  Having trained in Canine Body Language I use my forward thinking skills to be aware of the surroundings.  I will never force your dog to be put in a position he isn't comfortable with, nor would I a confident dog.  Dogs and puppies communicate in many ways and it's my job to ensure I asses every situation and make a pro-active judgement call in all situations. 


With a reactive dog, I would want to take the steps gradually to ensure they comfortable with me taking care of them and will always take information about your dog's history to allow me to work with them confidently. .If you would prefer, I can offer one-to-one dog walking sessions. You can find out more about this service HERE.  As with all my dogs, an initial walk with your dog is key to our first introduction.

Do you have a Code of Conduct ?

As a professional dog walker in Dunstable and a member of the PET INDUSTRY FORUM (PIF) I follow the Professional Dog Walkers Guidelines in association with The Dogs Trust, Pet Industry Federation, RSPCA and Tailster.  You can view the guidelines HERE.  Your dog's safety and well-being is paramount to ensuring they thrive in everything they do.  All necessary and relevant information concerning the welfare of your dog will be discussed at our initial face to face meeting.

Do you hold a licence or have any training qualifications?

Having checked with Central Bedfordshire Council, I do not need a licence to walk dogs.  However, as a professional dog walker in Dunstable and our surrounding villages I feel it necessary to act accordingly that prevents danger and promotes safety to both humans and dogs.  I have trained and obtained certification with Dog First Aid and can administer first aid to dogs in distress including shock, road traffic accidents and poisoning.  I have also trained with the DTC in Canine Body Language and continue to learn about dog behaviour. I also have a up to date DBS certificate and am fully insured with Protectivity Insurance which also includes public liability insurance.  I am also fully vetted and a member of the Professional Dog Walkers Association and also furthering my training with the IMDT.

How will my dog be transported?

All dogs travel safely and restrained using crash tested harness which are approved by the Centre for Pet Safety.   We also have an individual compartment should you prefer this.  

How do I go about booking you to walk my dog?

I offer a no-obligation meet and greet either in your home or on a walk.  You'll be able to ask me lots of questions about how I work and also who I am.  You will see how I get on with your dog and if he/she likes me too.

I will run through the paperwork with you, find out your dogs history and also run through my terms of service.  Contact me HERE and I'll be sure to respond as soon as possible.

What changes have you made to be safe during Covid-19?

As a member of the Pet Industry Federation, I am following guidance through their protocol.  You and your dog are both a priority and I will always work with your individual needs.  These can be found HERE