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10 Top Tips in preparing for your new puppy !

New Puppy in Dunstable
10 Top Tips in preparing for a new puppy

How exciting ! You've fallen in love with your new family addition and you cannot wait for him or her to come home. Bringing a puppy in to the family is such an exciting time but also a time for you to plan and prepare for your puppy to have the best start in life.

If you are a new puppy owners you may not think of everything that you need in the run up to welcoming your puppy home. You need to ensure that your puppy is calm, safe and totally happy in their new home with you all.

Here are my 10 top tips for ensuring you are ready and prepared for the excitement that awaits you!

1. Purchase the supplies needed to make your puppy as comfortable as possible. These


  • A crate and/or bed for them to relax in

  • Blankets. You will get through them quickly

  • Food and puppy bowls

  • Complete puppy food which your vet will be able to advise you on, or your breeder will also help to continue with the same diet appropriate for the breed

  • A collar and tag which are both legal requirements. I absolutely love Pawesome Pet Tags.

  • A car harness and a restraint for your safe travels. Ideally use crash tested harnesses.

  • Toys - Get enough to see you through the first month or so. Your puppy may get bored of them quickly so toys are always on the shopping list!

  • Puppy pads for toilet training

  • Poo bags, lots !

  • A brush or comb for grooming

  • Toothpaste (one for dogs!) and toothbrush

  • Dog shampoo.

2. Before your puppy comes home, walk through your house to notice any adjustments that

may be required

  • Find a calm place where your puppy can sleep. One thing I did with my dogs crate was to put a soft blanket over the top to make it even more secluded. Place a lovely soft blanket and access to water. The crate was placed in a quiet room so they wouldn't be disturbed.

  • Don't feed your dog in it's crate. Ensure you have somewhere else for them to eat our their food bowl. Ensure their food is stored aware where your puppy can't get it's nose in to!

  • Consider putting in baby gates if there are areas of your home you don’t want your dog to go. Set clear boundaries for your puppy from day one as it’s very confusing if they’re allowed to go somewhere sometimes but get told off or prevented at other times

3. Secure your garden to make sure your puppy can play safely outside. Make sure there is

nowhere they could squeeze through or dig under a fence and check if your garden

plants are poisonous. You can read my blog on Top Tips for making your garden

dog friendly too

4. Check your cupboards for hazards such as cleaning products, vegetable baskets and

loose wires. Puppies teeth are extremely sharp and if you leave the room for even a few

minutes you could be coming back to a disaster. When puppies are quiet they could be

up to something they shouldn't!

5. Speak to your local vet so you know what treatments they will need as well as how much

these cost. At your first appointment take along your dogs record book from your

breeder, chip reader number and any other information your vet will need.

When meeting your vet ensure they introduce your puppy to the environment and to

them. Dogs and puppies should always be confident to be approached by your vet and

having your vet build that confidence is key to ensuring each vet visit is a positive one.

Lots of treats for positive reward always helps. You need to feel comfortable and

confident of your vet too

6. Find a puppy training class you can register your pup with. I'm soon to be completing

my training with the IMDT to offer my clients puppy training, as well as learning so

much about dog behaviour including body language, anxiety and working with the

reactive dog. I cannot wait to share my training experiences with you all ! Watch this

space !

7. Puppy socialisation is a great way for your pup to build confidence out in the big wide

world as well as social understanding around humans and other pups and dogs. From 8-

12 weeks is the key time to introduce them to as many people as possible. Letting them

explore with other puppies from an early age will make them sociable with other dogs

and let them be confident when around other dogs. Your dog or puppy will tell you if

they are not happy with the situation and I can help with you being able to notice.

8. Find a groomer who has experience of working with puppies. Ensure they are qualified

to groom and look at any reviews online. Again, just like the first vet visit, your dog may

be uncomfortable the first time they attend the groomers. Positive reward as well as

your Groomer building trust with your puppy is the start of a healthy relationship. Ask

your groomer what is included in their first visit as well as if they offer teeth cleaning and

nail clipping. One thing I do with my dogs is to ask permission to touch their paws and

in between on all legs. Some dogs may not like to be touched on their feet, I hate my feet

being touched ! For local dog groomers I recommend Sabrina at Hounds of Horton

as well as Tracy at Pampawed Pooches

9. Carefully plan who is going to look after your puppy when you have to go out for the day

or you work in the week and there are certain days and times your pup doesn't receive

the interaction, socialisation, training and enrichment activities needed when you're not

there. Visit my Puppy Home Visit Services if this is something you haven't thought


10. Where possible, try and support your local businesses to make purchases for your dogs.

Small businesses in the animal trade always need your support :)

My name is Lorraine and I own Waggie Tails. A new, modern and adventurous dog walking services for clients in Dunstable, Totternhoe, Eaton Bray, Studham, Whipsnade, Stanbridge and Leighton Buzzard. I also offer Puppy Home Visit services to new puppy owners or older puppies who need extra help and care. To find out more about me and my services visit my website here : Waggie Tails or send me an email lorraine.waggietails@gmail.com

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