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Three of my best dog walks in Dunstable and our surrounding villages

As a Professional Dog Walker in Dunstable, I'm always wanting to explore the beauty of the Bedfordshire Countryside.

We are surrounded by the Chiltern Hills and are so lucky to be able to explore the magnificent views whenever we chose.

Dog Walking can be so therapeutic and whether its for 20 mins or two hours, or even all day, walking is a great exercise for anyone both physically and mentally.

Here are just three of my favourite walks I want to share with you:

1. Dunstable Downs

I feel like Dunstable Downs is my second home. I absolutely love taking the dogs through the secret paths, the quiet back routes and to relish in the scenery at the top which is mind blowing, especially when you can watch the sun go down. Being a Dunstable resident I am extremely blessed to be able to have this beauty to enjoy whenever I chose, on my doorstep.

Dunstable Downs can be quiet busy especially in the Summer months and also when the children are off school. However, visitors do mainly congregate at the top of the Downs just by the visitor centre which serves warm and homely hot beverages, tasty cakes and snacks throughout the day.

It also provides and warm and friendly environment at one side of the visitor centre for owners to sit with their dogs. With floor to ceiling windows, the views are magnificent. There is also outdoor seating with lots of dog bowls filled with fresh water.

Much of the Downs is managed by the National Trust as part of the Dunstable Downs & Whipsnade Estate property.

My favourite area of the Downs is when you join the bottom of the hills from West Street/Tring Road and follow the path to the right of the first steep heel.

It’s a lovely, quiet secluded path full of texture and smell that dogs just love exploring. Secret holes in hedges that they love to run down, huge trees to watch the squirrels laugh down at them and long muddy tracks for them to run up and down.

Keeping low and out of the way of countryside walkers is a great opportunity for pups and dogs to explore.

When walking through the paths you’ll see gliders above you and dare devil paragliders. The London Glider Club is based just at the foot of the Downs where you can watch take off and landing, and just midway up the top of the Downs, Dunstable Golf Course sits opposite.

Your dogs will find rabbit holes, bird of prey, other dog owners and potentially the odd horse now and then.

Dog Walking in Dunstable, sunset at Dunstable Downs
Enjoying the beauty of Walking at Dunstable Downs
Dog walk at sunset
Sunset at Dunstable Downs

Totternhoe - Eaton Bray

I actually do not know what the route is called. I found it once when I was training for the London Marathon.

There is a public footpath just off Church Street just before the quaint cottages. The hedges are usually overgrown and you can’t really see where the path leads too nor what’s on the other side. This pulled me even more to want to explore further.

The path is so pretty the last time I took this route was when the sun was setting and the skyline was just amazing. I had to stop and take an immense amount of photos to get ‘that shot’. The dogs were continuously back and forth pestering me to hurry up! I was on my knees, my chest, in the wild flowers, on my back. The things we do for the perfect shot!

When you finally reach the other side, and to be fair it isn’t a long path, you are greeted with the most stunning views looking across the back of Totternhoe, Castle Hill Road. On my last occasion the fields were saturated with thousands of buttercups it took my breath away.

The public footpath is extremely easy to follow, with a couple of mended bridges to get you over the flowing streams. Field after field after field. Huge open spaces where the dogs just love bouncing over the tall grasses.

The public paths through the farms fields are very wide and enough space to pass other walkers approaching from the opposite direction, especially when we are socially distancing.

You can either stop and turn right heading towards the back of the caravan park (there's a little path that brings you out to The Cross Keys - the perfect pit stop!) or continue on and the path will take you to the back of Eaton Bray. From one end to the other I’d say a good 30 - 40 min walk at good walking pace otherwise if you’re like me and take huge amounts of photos, allow for a good hour or so.

Totternhoe - Eaton Bray public footpath great for dog walks
Totternhoe Secret Path
Dog Walking in Totternhoe and Eaton Bray
Buttercup Fields in Totternhoe

Sewell Greenway

Another calm and relaxing walk for you and your dogs. There are many ways to join the Greenway but the simplest option is to join from the back of French’s Avenue or the back path behind Creasey Park.

If you decide to do an out and back, coming back you’ll notice a slight incline !

Built on the old railway line between Stanbridgeford and French's Avenue in Dunstable, the land is a County Wildlife Site boasting diverse flora and chalk grassland habitats.

The path will probably take 30 mins to walk just to the other end. There is a bridge that you can then cross over and continue your walk in to Stanbridge.

My top tip if you’ve not been this route before is to pop your dogs back on their leash just before you cross the bridge as on the other side it joins a road. It isn’t a busy road, more of a dead end however you never know whats going to come around the corner.

Just before you reach the bridge, you’ll see a path to the left. It looks like you shouldn’t take it, but you must! Follow it down to where you reach Knolls View, the Limeworks is just to the left.

You can take the road which brings you out in to Totternhoe, turn left and you’ll be heading back to Dunstable. Take Castle Hill Road and just after the lightbox you’ll see a steep path leading through the hedges. Follow this through and you’ll come out on to Totternhoe Knolls. Turn left and you'll reach the peak where you will get to view Dunstable and beyond with a 360 view or turn right and head back towards Dunstable, eventually joining Green Lanes.

It’s a great circular route and there are many other paths to take, but I need to keep it simple as I may get you lost and I don’t want that to happen!

Dog Walking in Totternhoe from Sewell Greenway
The peak at Totternhoe Knolls
Quiet dog walk at Sewell Greenway
Sewell Greenway

I hope you love walking as much as I do especially with our canine companions. Do let me know your favourite local walks as I’ll be sharing more very soon.

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Lorraine is a professional and vetted dog walker in Dunstable who loves sharing her love and passion for all dog breeds and wants to share her experience and knowledge with her new and current clients.

Lorraine is a member of The Pet Industry Federation, The Professional Dog Walkers Association, trained in Canine Body Language as well as training to be a dog trainer with The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - IMDT.


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