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UK National Pet Remembrance Day 2020

The UK marks Pet Remembrance Day on 5th July. As part of the third Pet Remembrance Day, people across the UK will remember beloved pets that have passed away. This day provides an opportunity for people to celebrate the lives of pets and the increasing number of ways in which we can commemorate them

Back in 2019, we lost our family dog Tess. Tess was a rescue puppy from Appledown Dog Rescue in Eaton Bray. My now husband had just purchased our first home back in 2001 and as my husband and I had grown up with dogs we were in search of our first canine companion. I remember it like yesterday. It was the Easter weekend and neither of us working we decided to go and look for a dog. We never thought we would actually find one that suited us perfectly.

Appledown had told us about a beautiful border collie, 6 months old but not a normal happy puppy. She'd been beaten and left in a flat most of the time. We just had to meet her. We were walked through to the kennels and there she was, wrapped in a ball on her own. She was shaking from fear, she didn't even lift her head to say hello. My husband was hesitant, but me being me decided to climb in to the kennel with her. She put her head on my lap and then I realised she wet herself. I just broke down crying. We were allowed to take her for a walk so we carried her gently away from the noise and just let her walk us with no pressure. We loved her instantly and that's when we knew we had to bring her home. We had so much love to give her we just couldn't leave her alone anymore.

We got her home and she took a few weeks to come out of her shell. We ensure she was safe and given lots of love and attention she needed. My husband was besotted with her and as she started to gain more confidence he started to take her to work with him. She was becoming the dog she was meant to be. She was so loving, full of energy and so much fun to be around. She came everywhere with us. She became a completely different Tess that we once rescued. She had a personality and loved being around people. Her greetings were infectious. She used to jump up and down like Tigger, I used to duck sometimes as I used to think she would actually jump over me she was so excited ! It was funny but after about the 20th jump we had to calm her down.

She also came to work with me when I used to have a flower shop. She was so good with customers however she never used to like the postman just constantly barking. I remember once my husband pulled up outside the shop in his car and waved, she recognised his voice and ran across the road - I screamed and jumped in after her with the screech of cars to both sides. I'd forgotten though that I was 8 months pregnant and funnily enough went in to labor a few days later. I wonder if Tess nearly getting knocked over had anything to do with it !?

I could tell you so many more stories but I'll be here all day if I did.

Tess was with us up to the age of 17. She was a fighter. Over the last three years she suffered a few strokes but she always managed to pull through. Unfortunately, she passed away peacefully at home with me and her human brother by her side in April 2019. All I could do was be there for her until she passed. I'm so happy I was with her at the end.

We always think about Tess and we always talk about her. We always say to Grace....'Tess would never have behaved like that' as Grace can be very naughty but at the same time Grace has some of the same characteristics as Tess and sometimes you get that slight glance when you think you're actually looking at Tess. And without us even realising it was until we sat for dinner that my husband said "you do know it's Tess's anniversary today?". I said yes, and then I went to take a bite but something came to mind. I got Grace's birth certificate out. Grace was born on the same day that Tess had passed away. Now that's too much of a coincidence, don't you think?

We love you Tess


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