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Are you planning to bring a puppy in to the family? Or maybe you need additional help with your young puppy.  You may be returning to work soon and need your puppy to stick to their normal routine.

Bringing a puppy home is a very exciting time and no doubt he or she will bring lots of happiness and fun to you and your family.


However, I know from experience how hard it can be to leave your puppy for the first time when you are going to be back at work or away. Especially with us currently being at home more due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you need to ensure your puppies anxiety levels are kept to a minimum. 


It's really important that your puppy has as normal a routine as possible. I can help by providing daily visits to help take care of your puppy while you are at work or away.  Maybe you have an event coming up where you can't take your puppy with you or you're meeting friends for an evening and don't want to leave your puppy on it's own.

Very young puppies up to the age of 12 weeks will often require extra care and attention including feeding.  Puppies require three meals a day, cleaning up of accidents, toilet training, and companionship. As your puppies develop they will be absorbing everything around them as well as building their emotions.  Good experiences and being able to socialise with people is so important.  These experiences as a puppy will have an affect on how they will cope as an adult.


I offer an initial free, no obligation, consultation home visit and offer my puppy home visit services in Dunstable, Totternoe, Eaton Bray, Stanbridge, Edlesborough, Studham and Whipsnade.  This will give you confidence in me and see how your puppy reacts to me.  During the visit, I can discuss your puppies specific needs.

Once your puppy has been fully vaccinated I can start taking them out for short walks, meet other kind dogs, people and the outside environment. During this time we can reinforce any training you may have started and then once older he or she can move in to our group dog walking if they are confident to do so.

I am trained in Dog First Aid, Canine Body Language as well as training with the IMDT.  I rescued my last dog from 6 months old who sadly left us in 2019 and am currently a proud owner of two dogs myself.  Both I've had from a puppy age 10 and 12 weeks with my youngest now being 15 months I have trained them both since they were very young.  

Included in my Puppy Home Visits your puppy will receive the utmost care and attention, including feeding, refreshed clean water, indoor/outdoor play or short walk, basic training, socialisation, lots of TLC and cleaning up of any accidents.

These visits are perfect to break up your puppies day and will continue it's positive development when you are unable to be there.


2 x 30 minute visits per week £15.00

2 x 1 hour visits per week £20.00 

Weekend visits also available